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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Science Of Spirit Possession

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Spirit-Based Energy
According To Physics…

Energy in any sense is a “living phenomena”. It cannot be
created- nor destroyed. It can be compressed, stretched &
even “shape-shifted under scientific lab conditions- but,
cannot be destroyed. Energy is everywhere including within
so-called empty space). There is no such thing as “empty
space. Energy is basically electrical in it’s own nature…

Grains of sand for example; are kept in tact by what many
term to be “atomic Glue. Every “non-moving object” is
loaded with “pure raw energy” which helps the non-moving
particles of any solid object to keep & preserve it’s own
Physical form.

Everything & every “non-thing” is comprised of sub-atomic
particles. We are talking about; “living energy. There is
no such thing as; Dead energy… “Perhaps dead transformers-
or dead (synapses) but, energy is Always alive- however,
“memory is also (pure energy) & cannot be destroyed.

So, Where does “memory go to after our physical demise…? It always
Returns to it’s place of origin- so, what are ghost? They are just
simply Living memories that continually run & re-run Much like a
broken record & in rare instances; the ghost Will often reveal
the causation of their physical demise and then cross over,
unless they are considered to Be in a “group 1 category, which
means; their death was so sudden, that they don’t yet realize
they are deceased.

Moreover, whenever they repeat any actions on the other-side, it is
as if they do it for the first time. On the other-side, “time is much
like a warp Alternatively, a repetitive but constant loop.

Much like the famous “Lady who walks the stairs”. Constant re-runs
Until someone helps them to cross over. Is it possible to become
possessed by category 1’s? As far as I know’ (yes, but) permission or;

Mind-bending fear of the target possessed is required.. Since spirits of
The dead are considered ”negative-based energy” & “fear” is also a
Negative based energy- theses two energies naturally feed on each other
So, be careful of what you fear the most. Do you Remember Jobe from the bible?..
“What he feared the most came upon him…? "Why?...It was fear that made it so.


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By; Lonnie Craig/PhD