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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Real Powers Behind Belief

The Real Powers Of Belief
And, what about "subliminal influences?"

Just to make a long story short; Every believer & "non-believer in regards to
subliminal influences will always receive what they truly expect out of subliminal

Subliminal content will never help nor assist a (non-believer). The word "faith &
the word (subliminal) are very much related in that the influence of subliminal
content will Only help those who exercise (simple child-like faith) in those
subliminal influences.

Belief, is only a deliberate choice of the observer- much like truth, beauty,
falsehood. Only found within the eyes of (it's) beholder & no where else,
regardless of any kind Of "seen or un-seen evidence that might be applied.
There are millions of people of Today who still denigh that the Holocaust ever
took place regardless of any physical Evidence involved! There are still millions
who denigh that "Jesus" ever existed, Regardless of any seen or "unseen proof
that is available to them today.

There is;
Even people today who insist that the assassination of "John F Kennedy" never took
Place either. They will often call it a "scare tactic used by some mysterious Sub-
Government group called; "The Tri-lateral Commission who are the (real rulers)
of the USA & they will claim that JFK went underground after the (fake) shooting.
Many of these folks can be soaked in the blood of innocents & those people will still De-nigh the evidence that they are soaked in. This is why Im convinced, that "belief Is simply a choice of "free-will & not always based evidence of anything Seen vs,

-"The un-seen. These folks will never experience "miracles or real magick- even
If they are slammed right & left and square in the face with miracle after miracle.
What they (perceive) is not "a miracle. Calling it anything you like- but to them-
Miracles" Do Not Exist. This again tells me that "belief can only be a deliberate
Choice & therefor, I choose to believe in miracles & therefor; also experience
Those miracles.

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I choose to believe in (subliminal applications & therefor, I also Am currently
benefiting from the sub-subliminal apps that I expose myself unto now every day.
You can therefor only benefit from what you "truly" believe in...

You can "never benefit" from what you (DON'T BELIEVE IN). This is why some
folks benefit from "Witchcraft & others benefit from simple child-like faith.
There is no Difference between the craft of the Witch & simple child-like faith.
The powers (BOTH) stem from The very same "single power-source".
Often called; The All in one & ONE IN ALL...!

Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday & now I must be rides my
magick dragon to the mall in order to finish my Shopping... as it is above-
So Also Below,
...So Mote It Be!