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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Father "Sun? & Mother "Moon?

Father; (Sun?)
...Mother; (Moon?)

Most historians already know that at one point in the very dark ages of time, that the "Sun" was considered; "Father God"...& Our Mother was considered to be; "The Moon". Since then; Many Key world leaders were attributed to being (Son of God) such as "Osirus of Egypt". Once known to be the son of "The Sun God. Ra was the father & Amun-Ra was the "son" aka; Osirus. Also Recorded to be a product of (virgin-birth).

There was a total of 9 virgin births; (aka) "unexplained- birth". since Osirus & even Three more since the time of the "historical Jesus."

The word; (christ) only means; "annointed" Not;(anointed one) & the word; christian" only means; (christ-likeness)- so, if you take your pet cow & anoint it with oil...,penut-butter...or even water; "PRESTO...!"

Your cow is now a "Christ.

But why was the Sun & Moon ever considered to be our cosmic-parents?

The energy that resonates from "both" not only gives growth to all the plant-life, but also supplies all biologic life-form with life sustaining energies- yet our ancient kin-folk prior to Egypt, already knew this; (intuitively.) Since then, The Sun & Moon became adorned with many metaphoric-names, Such as; "Diana- Goddess of the Moon, Araidia;The Dark Mother of Diana + tons of "others.

Since the times prior to the ancient Egyptians, New Gods & sons+ daughters thereof have been born...again-... Are you one of them?..."Yes- You are! ...It's your DNA cellular nature. Yet, what Iv recently discovered in many lab's is that; DNA of The body can be "altered" to rebuild, repair & renew itself thru subliminal hypnotic's. Its True that DNA cannot lie- BUT" it CAN BE "reprogrammed thru hypnosis to alter any natural truth about it'self.

The DNA it'self cannot lie; (but- humans can lie to their own DNA thru Deep & subliminal- hypnotic's... and, In many cases- the re-training Of DNA can often be years long...

Most folks would agree that this is much like; (re-writing our present moment's) to re-alter our own physical and "psychic narures"- which in turn, also re-alter's the outcome of our future. Is all of this a bit too deep for you...? Take a very close look at the following video;