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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Genetic Memory Sciences;

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Genetic-Research Conclusion ”

Prior to the birth of your child- Your Entire life-experiences are recorded on “your Childs” (memory-cells)…Those “memory-cells” are what connects you to that child. The child don’t always like the “connection” Due to distasteful memories that might be involved. Many of their “memories” explain much of their own Child-hood Nightmares. Many of their nightmares come in the form of metaphors & esoteric-jargon.

Many of our own adult nightmares are based upon our own parents & great-grandparents past-experiences”.Appear To be “embedded” thru via; (violence) including (pain) or extreme joyful experiences from their past. Just how old is your child's memories...?

Here is your mind-bender for the week;

Memory cells are pure energy- Most folks already know that (energy) cannot be destroyed...

The shell which contains the energy in question will eventually dissipate- but the energy lives on, so; where does the energy go after the body becomes demised? I just bet your first guess was Correct... "Inhale deeply!" The energy becomes (air-born) & attaches itself to living matter which mirrors its own likeness, then creates "other shells" in which they soon inhabit.

I bet you never thought of yourself as a (shell)...Until now...?

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