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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Religious Delusions...

Welcome To My World

In My World- Every Day is the season for the Vampire.
We have always been around prior to common mankind,
so get used to it. For those of us you manage to kill
- we always return thru the nearest new-born who is
predisposed unto vengence againt those who would
attempt to disrupt our common way of life- For God
kills indiscriminantly...and, so shall we do likewise
for we can be nothing greater than what we already are.

You can change the color of the Lepard- but, its still
a (Lepard)...You can change the color of "the viper
snake"- but, its still a snake. People are much the
same way. People can be taught to act "differently"
under givin circumstance- but, they are still (people)
& often drop the act under certain circumstance which
forces them to show their inner beast. When this
happens; their flight/or fight response takes over.
Animals contain this very same inner beast which every
human-animal are first born with...!

In humor, it was once said; You can put lipstick on a
pig- and its still "just a pig". The simple truth of
this may be rough & even harsh-but some folks think
that this simple truth can be changed thru "religious
experience" or going on a sabaticle to a high remote
mountain for 1-2-12 years or just going to remote
deserts in order to find "God".

People are natural actors & can even act out their
"religious" bound illusion for 30-60 years or more-
only as long as their circumstance acts as a
(comfort-zone) for them... "but, once you (remove)
that comfort zone just long enough, You will
eventually see a great difference in the subjects
religious ways.

Anyone can act like a "Saint"- ...but,
only do so, as long as their personal comfort-zone
goes unchallenged... The biblical story of Jobe
was never proven as (valid)- Yet, even according to
our current (KJV) forgery- If you carfully go
thru the whole story, you will see that even Jobe
was nowhere near to being a (living Saint)...

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