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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Secrets Of Faith

SECRETS OF FAITH... (For Wizards only!)

...There is no difference between Christian based faith
and Satanic inspired faith- because BOTH are the very
Same energy-field from the very same single energy source.

God, the creator of (both) does not condemn either one
and FAITH is the only Energy that seems moves God to do
what we dare call Good or Evil, yet Isaiah 45 vs 7 states;
that; I,THE LORD create Light & Darkness- I THE LORD create
peace & evil- I THE LORD am he who doth all these things...

Yet I find that God cannot work in and thru guilt-ridden
People, but only work with people who trust in their own
Faith. If you feel like your faith has holes or gray
Areas- then God cannot work thru it. Christians for over
1000s of years taught that Faith alone within christian
Ideas would only please God - but that was just to dupe
The non-christians who were already pleasing God thru
Their Pagan traditions,,,!

Faith is FAITH anyway you Look at it. God dont care if its
Christ inspired or Even Satanic in nature. The only faith
that God can Work thru is; Faith without Guilt...

So let us pray for God to help you destroy the guilt that is
Slowly destroying you...or even pray for forgivness
regarding that what you FEEL you must do in the future
At any givin time. ...God will always forgive- HOWEVER,
Keep in mind that MAN CANNOT forgive because Its not
In mas nature to be able to (FORGET)... & Guilt has always
been a Man-Made science to only curtail so-called; Evil!

Just remember; (Evil) like truth & beauty can only be
found in the eyes of it's victims...! Which one are you...?

By; Lonnie Craig,