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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The DarkSide Of Edens Garden

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The Garden of Eden...

Tells the story about Adam & Eve who were created
In the beginning to live "forever". Yet if this is true- why were they
Given any kind of food to consume at all since "food" would not even
Be necessary to their survival…? Then there is the problem of the so called
Forbidden fruit. Since Adam & Eve didn’t have a clue to what (death) or
Separation from "anything" entailed since they have never been separated
From each other or separated from God before- Why bother to place "any"
Kind of (forbidden) fruit within their reach since just (touching) the tree
Would guarantee (death)…?

Would you place pretty poison in reach of
Your toddlers? According to the story; this is what God did. If God truly
Knows everyone's heart & mind and knows every thought prior to its own
Inception- Then God has business testing her/his (created) beings & it would
Be nothing but a waste of time trying to (show) Adam & Eve their own
Weakness… Besides, If no one ever died since "Adam"- then we would be
A very crowded planet today since day no# 1

Cursed is the mindless fool who places (poison) fruit in reach of their
Children- for they are no wiser than the child who eats it… So now you
Know why the Garden Of Eden makes no logical sense. The whole story
Was just a Jewish fairy-tail by Moses to quiet all the inquiring minds of
His day. If you need anything etched into stone to show you the difference
Between right & wrong and require a "burning bush" to read it by, then a
Mindless cow will have more hope than any of us…

This also means; since the garden of Eden story was fake- the original
Sin of (disobedience) against God "never" existed…!

By; Lonnie Craig

310 West Bell Street
FtWthTX 76140

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