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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Humans & Animals Are Born


We All Will One Day Die- So, Why Must Any Of Us Strive To Live?
Many Seek Streets Of Gold & Marble Castles In The Air- But, If
We Are To Be Like The Angels Who Can Pass Thru Walls- What Good
are Castles With Rooms and Walls Be...?

Many Strive To Continue Having Children, "But Why?"
Since All They Do Is One Day Grow Up And Die...(?)

Many Dare To Think; They Are Born As Humans To One Day Have Their
Mortal Soul's Saved? Were They Not Already Saved Before Their
Mortal Birth? What Was Wrong In Staying Where They Were Prior To
Their Human conception?

Do We Not Condemn Them By Exposing Them To The Elements Thru Their
Birth...? Does God Have A Room For You In Heaven? What Good Is It
Since ANY Angel Has Access To It? What Will You Hang On The Wall?
Will You Have Cable Or Video Games? Will You Grow A Garden In Your

Perhaps Your Room Will Be Empty Except For Your Ghostly Presents
Within It? Will You Play Games With All The Other Ghost's By Running
Thru Each Other?...Will You Be A Guardian Of Your Human Family Who
Were Left Behind When You Died...? "How Will You Help Guard Them?"
What If God Don't Want You To Guard Them...? What If God Chooses YOU
To Be Their Executioner By Becoming Their Angel Of Death...? "Will
You Obey God In That Day...?

Perhaps We Will All Just Dangle Our Ghostly Feet In The Clear River
That Flows From The Throne Of God...? (FOREVER...?) Throw star-dust
at each other...?Perhaps come back here to Earth & haunt relatives?
(or)... just stay in ourfloating castle & keep count of all the
stars that burn out and perhaps wonder if there are any more
floating castles out there other than this one in heaven that we all
occupy...? Besides;Earth is not a planet anyway- take a closer look
& you will see a (PLANT) not(planet)...& not just (any) common plant.

It's a carnivorous Plant. It eventually eats "everything" but its
main staple is called;(putrefying Flesh & bone) which it uses to
mulch & nutrify all the plant life that inhabit it. Think of Earth
as a gigantic "Venus fly trap" and all the animals & humans are the
flies that it consumes- & yes, it is growing and- prayerfully we can
always hope that we wont ever have to remember how many times we've
been here, because I can think of no greater Hell than to recall every
single trip we've made here since prior to Adam and Eve...!

Many scriptures speak of a land Where we'll never ever grow old- a
land where there is no pain- no sorrow, or tears-(but)..."WOW!" I
just described; "Death" for in death; there is no pain- no sorrow-
(and) no tears and in order to experience any of these above, you must
first have "nerve endings"...& NO ghost has nerve endings.

Nerve endings are tiny micro-scopic like veins that transmit emotion
& pain including (pleasure) as well as "fear" including; Boldness...
Angels don't have nerve endings either- so, "joy" would also be
impossible to experience while in the state of (death).Do you still
believe in castles in the air...? (whisper;) Just keep on dreaming
little dreamer...and, If your lucky- you'll never have to (awaken) but,
the test of time will not begin Until you decide to finally wake up
after your birth...!

With all this in mind- many folks question weather God is (real) when
the truth is; God is only as real as your experience dictates... "much
like little green men" they will not show themselves until You choose to
believe in their existence first! It is your belief that allows them
to "manifest" themselves unto you. They already exist- but your doubt
keeps them "hidden"from your life experience's! The spirit dimension
is the world of (thought) & like; in the"beginning" was the (word)- yet,
prior to any word- there must Precede a (thought) & prior to ANY thought-
there must first be a (thinker) of that thought- so..., who is the
(thinker) within your life right now...? "Is it you?"...(or) do you just
mirror your life experiences to the respect of all the thinkers in
your life...?

Who will you SEE in heaven? You will see folks that don't deserve to be
there- but you & they will not be able to (remember) or "recall" any evils
that those same folks ever committed while they were in their (physical)
bodies... "why?" Because God is much like you or I who choose to over-look
the disobedience of our kids & spank them privately, yet insist to other
people that our kids are (perfect...!)

Does this mean that Jesus died for nothing? (NO!) He died for what he
dared to believe & oneday- you may be required to do the same! I met God
face to face in 1974 during a (9) minute clinical death experience which
seemed more like 9 hours. I also walked with a few Angels
during that time & the youngest of them was about (10) thousand years old.

Some folks say "That's Crazy"- (and) What qualifies them to say so? & who
qualified the (QUALIFIERS) & then- who qualified them? Can THEY claim to
have been "clinically dead? I was, and it's on record @ JPS Hospital in
Fort Worth Texas, 1974, & I remember the experience!

So, What's my message...? ; "Death" as well as (Life) are all (passing)
experiences...! And "so-called salvation" is nothing more than returning here,
Again & again for the sake of "feeding"ol Mother Earth with our rotting
corpses- so, she can continue to grow bigger & bigger- like a giant mold....
So, now you know why "Ye must be born AGAIN...!"

Our bibles tell us that; God made the heavens & earth- but never explains why
God created them @ all. Our bibles tell us that "God" has the ability to See
trillions of years into the future & also tells us that "God" knows everything
from beginning to end & even knows our thoughts prior to us ever having a, if all that's true- why would an intelligent God Create man-kind
at all since God (knew) well in advance that Man would eventually disobey Gods

Better yet- why would God invent any kind of (forbidden fruit?) Better yet- why
create fruit of anykind since Adam & Eve would never need (food) to survive,
since they were created to live(forever?) ..Am I the only one left in the world
that seek such answers? "Reincarnation" or"sub-atomic cellular regeneration" is
the only logical answer to all the gray areas regarding the subject of (death.)

An (intelligent) and (loving) God @ the start of creation would first (trash)
ALL (forbidden fruits)or at least would put the forbidden fruit out of reach &
out of sight from the curious children- Or are you one of those parents who
place poison in reach of your toddlers then tell them; "Do Not Touch"...& then
leave them alone to attend your other chores...? That's what the bible tell us
about what this loving God did in regards to Adam & Eve. Keeping in mind that
Adam & Eve "never" died Before & therefore could have no idea what the words;
"surely die" was supposed to mean... so,therefore; we were all born to
eventually one day...(die!)

Since God created LIFE- then this would prove that; THE Tree Of (LIFE) would have
served no purpose in the beginning of time nor even in the end- & since God is
"supposed" to have the power of resurrection, this also proves that the tree of
(LIFE) had never served any purpose to start with...nor does it serve any purpose
today. & why remove the tree of (knowledge) from the garden since the eternal
damage was already done...?(but) according to the story; the tree was... "removed".
(why bother?) Why not just leave it as a reminder to future generations that were
already condemned by its association to Adam & Eve???

Historically, we are all (theoretically) quote "fallen Angels"- yet Moses taught
in the Talmud that "Angels" have no free will- so if they have no free will, how
can they have become fallen since all they do is Gods (will) without question...?"
If Moses lied about this- what else did he possibly lie about in the Torah itself?
(or) perhaps it was his transcribers that lied...? Did the translators misunderstand
the original transcribers-? Could the transcribers have (mis-quoted) Moses...?
They were after all (only human). The story is only over 6000 years old- shurely the
original story could not have changed after over 300 (re-translations since 1610...?

Why would God even need a preacher or Prophet anyway- when God has (YOU?) If God
truly wants you to know (ANY) Truth- then an intelligent God Will not trust mortal man
nor words in stone nor a "burning bush" to read it by- Because God already has your
current address & even your future one's...! God has never needed the help of (ANY)
man to delegate divine protocol and (any) God that does require the help of man is
not God @ all- but is just "another god" that was carved from (common) stone...
so, is there really a Divine Plan? (YES) & you are currently living it (with) or
without your consent. (ANY & ALL OUTCOMEs) from it are called;
"The Divine Will of God" in (Motion..!)

(Rest-In-Peace) Mr Fallwell-I ain't mad at you, Im just mad at the ones that LIED to you,
and Im mad at the ones who lied to them as well. It sounds like a movie waiting to happen"

By; LW Craig/Ph.D.
Fort Worth TX. 76140

Mailto; lonniecraig @