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Monday, December 29, 2008


Part Iii: if God is Light, What is Dark Energy?

Part I: God is Light...?

By; Dr. Henry Madison Jacobs
Edited By; Professor, LW Craig/Ph.D

Part I of this series describes the unified general theory of (Everything) so simply that virtually any intelligent educated person can understand and use it.

Part II describes how simple it is to prove this theory; and provide a synthesis of information from all the sciences and Light-based religions that supports this theory.

The first two parts are about “all life as particles controlled by motivated photons” of Light. These motivated photons within all living things are capable of the seven different combinations of TAT motives that create our personalities and our perceptions about Reality, as explained on the website; Jacobs research website.

This article is about NON-motivated photons.

If you have experienced Parts I and II and have climbed, then you are ready to explore dark energy. And you can help me save the world! The math solution to the Superstring requires eight combinations of three things taken three at a time. As you will recall from Part I, these are the seven universal photon based personalities of all living things that are described by Jacobs Ladder at

These photon-motivated-personalities are from top to bottom as follows:
step 7 (power, achievement, affiliation), step 6 (power, null, affiliation),

step 5 (null) achievement-affiliation), step 4 (null,null, affiliation),step 3(null, achievement-null), step 2 (power, achievement-null), and step 1 (power, null,null).

This article is about the (null,null,null) combination that is required by the mathematics of the vibrations of the Superstring that explains "Everything;"

The universe is submerged in a virtual sea of un-motivated-dark-energy-photons that provide the structure of the universe. Photons exist as tiny circular vibrating-strings within all living matter.Circular photon strings also exist within all non-living matter at the quantum level of what we call quarks, but are NOT vibrating @ the human-level of perception.

All matter itself is nothing more than jelled energy. In fact, there is nothing in the entire universe except intelligent energy...!

Some of this matter is alive; some of it,(appear) not to be. Photons within non-living matter are generally not motivated, unless they are disturbed by some physicist or chemist or biologist like others & myself- trying to prove something; or by some power-mad leader trying to destroy something. These non-motivated-photons are “dark energy” that gives off no energy vibrations at all unless disturbed. But disturb these inert dark-energy-photons enough and you get an atomic reaction! God only knows what the scientists at the new CERN particle accelerator in Europe might cause!

Immediately after I e-mailed them a copy of my “God is Light Experiment” (See Part II), they postponed starting it up until next Spring due to “electrical-problems...?” The galaxies spin through a sea of mostly non-motivated-dark-energy-photons, through which all other matter, as well as motivated photons, also travel. But dark-energy-photons don’t travel as waves of vibrating strings at the speed of light.

Only MOTIVATED photons do that. Dark energy is at rest. The spinning galaxies plow right through the dark-energy-photons like submarines through water. There is no need to search for dark energy with mass, as some misguided (mad) scientists are doing. There is no dark energy within (solid-mass!)..."why?" because the (mass) or solid structure is much like a full-grown tree. It will never get bigger than what Mothernature will allow it to "become."

I need the help of as many fellow “Disciples of Light” as possible to get this unified general theory tested by as many people as possible as soon as possible!

Dr. Henry Madison Jacobs is a multi-disciplinary research scientist, who has devoted over forty years to relating Einstein's theories to color-choice psychology, quantum physics, cell biology, physiology, religion, leadership, and the math of vibrations.

Dr. Henry M. Jacobs has 3 articles online & is one of my adopted "Guru Scientist."
Henry reminds me alot of that young scientist genious in the TV series; "Numbers..."