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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Controlling Depression



The Following Audio-Subliminal Is often called; "Brain Medicine". It is (theta-based) & the hidden messages reprogram brain-waves & thoughts to relax & work together. Less than 10 minutes in duration- all you need to do is relax and listen;

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Ending or Controlling Depression…?

In order to control or destroy any kind of enemy- we must first “know” who or (what) the enemy is. First of all; there is no absolute cure for any kind of disease. As long as you live in a human body, (you) Will always be a target for any given disease. Remission is nothing more than “disease that fell asleep. And, if your real lucky; the “disease will sleep” until the day of your physical demise. Not all of us are So lucky. “Disease” is nothing more than (negative-based) energy. “Energy” cannot be created nor Destroyed according to physics. It can be stretched- compressed or condensed…but, not destroyed.

Depression is nothing more than (emotionally trapped energy” with no place to go leaving a feeling of Defeat & helplessness. Depression is (raw energy) emitted from within you, which makes “depression” A (tool). Lets say you have a house full of tools & one day you require a screwdriver- but you chose To use a bobby pin or (butter-knife) instead; what will the outcome be? Who knows? You might Even get lucky- but if you used the proper tool you needed in the 1st place- the task might have even Been easier from the beginning.

Here is a (fast-track) way of treating depression. Consider “aspirin”. It eases most headaches by Thinning the blood- but, if the sufferer does nothing to increase his/her liquid intake- then more headaches Can be expected. So, how do we use depression as…(a tool?) Its called “Chi-Quan-do” an exercise In moving (energy.) You 1st stand strait & begin to inhale & exhale @ a slow pace with your eyes Closed.

Begin to think of someone you dislike. After about 3 minutes of this simple meditation- take A deep breathe & hold it for about 10 seconds & then in a sudden tense of your whole body- raise Both your hands toward the roof or clouds; say in a forceful whisper; I expel this depression & Command it to enter the body of; (any-name). Here, you can also adlib anything else you like… And, Then just begin to relax & go back to what you were doing prior to the exercise in quest.

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