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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fast Track NLP

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This NLP session will most likely be the shortist "Self-Help NLP" you have ever entertained; set-up several mirrors in your home. Make sure they are all @ your eye-level. Set them up in rooms that you most frequent. Now, suppose you want to give-up "any bad or dangerous habit". Lets play it like a game; Everytime you come in front of any of those mirrors, you look your reflection in the eyes & with the most exciting face you can muster- say excitedly; "Congratulations- you done it!

"You have been FREE, from (?????) for over six months now- "here, just turn away & think no more about it. Try to dismiss that moment"Aim to do this at least "3" times in the day.

Do not question your own voice. Even if you fall off the wagon- think nothing of it & especially; do not condemn your "short-fall. You never condemened yourself when you were a child learning to walk. "This is no different. The trick is to "by-pass" your logical thought process by using the power of (imagination) & stage-acting. "We all acted-out as kids- yet, (acting) is the most "natural & fundemental natures of all "human-kind. Try it for 3-4 days & keep me posted with your progress. Just remember; "Ad-Libing is always (ok). Make your script as personal as you feel it must be.

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