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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Liber Domini Santanae

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Liber Domini Satanae
(author unknown)
Possibly, a work of Alister Crowley according to style

The following statements should not be looked upon as any religious doctrine or authoritative work. This is simply the product of someone's own person's gnostic interpretation of deity. If we allow other people to define God (or Satan) for us, we then become both the physical and spiritual prisoner of our oppressors' vision.

1.My Power is above all power in the earth and beyond the stars, I am Will itself, the mighty Lord Satan.

2.None may speak for me, and all who claim to do so are frauds and liars.
 I alone speak for myself, to whom I will and at my own choosing. Those who claim to be my  prophets are deceivers of many, for I have no prophets and no holy men follow me.

3. Those who claim to be my chosen vessels are nothing but foul wind, blowing this way and that, stirring up the loose earth beneath my majesty. Pay no heed to those who claim such authority on my behalf, they will merely lead you down the path of self-deceit.

4. The path to my power must always be tread alone, no other can lead you to me.

5. I have no creed or code of conduct; I have only will, pure and inviolate.

Belief in dogmas is for those who prostrate themselves before their so-called  fashioned from their own minds or, better yet, bequeathed to them by false prophets and books filled with feces.

6. I trample on these powerless and false gods. I laugh at their petty disputes over the unreal world inside the minds of their followers. I blaspheme against all  their articles of faith, the toys of children and those who would inflate their own stature by claiming a mandate from heaven.

7.God is dead because I killed him.

I rent his spirit into billions of pieces and gave each man his own share.I curse all these gods with an  unconquerable  they are divided against themselves and so must fall.

8. Let those who follow their gods be set upon each other with a mad frenzy,
let them compete in sports of bloodshed and treachery.

Watch them as they kill each other  in the most ingenious of ways. 

Observe as those who would consign me to the fires of hell endure a hell fashioned by their own blood-drenched hands. My laughter can be heard amongst their decaying corpses.

9. Draw a circle upon the ground.

Stand inside and mutter worthless words framed in dead languages. Make elaborate gestures and concentrate all your focus. 

Doing such things will summon only your own fantasies; I am not to be found here. Beware the vast powers of the mind; you are being deceived by your own imagination.

10.I am pure fire. I consume all falsehood in my path and I know no fear
11. I am not to be sought in arcane rituals and the ceremonies of deluded charlatans.
 I am answerable to no commands or formulae, for I am Power itself.

12.Neither pray to me, for those who pray I hold in the highest contempt.
 Pray not, rather ACT, and you will be rewarded.

13. My power can neither be contained nor compelled.

 I act as I will for my own purposes, and those who would seek to bind me in service I will surely destroy.

 I am your master, you are not mine.

14. Only those who truly know my essence will be rewarded with a share of my divine power. My gift is precious and will be given only to the worthy.

Seek me earnestly, and I will be found. 

Seek after phantasms and you will be forever lost, a wanderer in the wastes of your own daydreams.

15.If anyone says he has found my essence, they surely lie. My gift inspires silence, not empty boasting.

16. I am the first being, before all others. Observe the proper respect.

17. If anyone says to you, "follow me" your answer should be a scornful laughter.

 Follow no man who seeks to be followed.

They are weak beings who need others from  whom to siphon energy.
Let them enslave one another. Those who are of me are slaves to no one or nothing.

18. No creed can bind them. No false hope can delude them. No blind allegiance can compel them. 
I offer freedom from these prisons fashioned by men.

19. Carry yourself with inner strength, not vanity.

Vanity is ever the servant of the opinions of others. Care not what any man thinks of you, your strength is no illusion of the flesh.

20. Lust after all things of the earth, each in its due course.

 All has been given so that you might rejoice in your freedom from all that binds the others, pay no  heed, they understand nothing.

21. Have no fear of eternal punishment, nor delusion of eternal bliss, both are lies fashioned to control those
with no real power.

22.Enjoyment is to be had in the present, not the future. Never sacrifice what you really have for what can
never be yours.

23. Do not seek me as your guide, I guide no one. 

Guidance is for the weak and for children, and neither of these two belong to me. I am power and knowledge, the;  great Flame of All.

24.Those who claim I am flesh are truly mad. My essence is the very destruction of flesh; I am the
Conqueror; I am the Flame.

25. I was not born, and never was I created. I have no father, no mother, and no offspring; I am Purity.

26. Cursed be those who claim I was created by a god; I am the Essence.

27.Cursed be those who claim they speak to me, for my Voice shatters reality itself.

28. Cursed be those who claim to speak for me, they will answer for their impudence by being believed by
none but imbeciles.

29.Cursed be those who deny my reality, they are forever lost amongst ideas and opinions.

30.Cursed be those who claim power over me, I am Power itself.
31.Cursed be those who live in fear of me, they are slaves to their own minds - a pitiful reward.
32. Cursed be those who follow any god but me, they deceive themselves concerning that which they know not.

33. Cursed be those who follow any man, their very existence is wasted and worthless.
34. Cursed be those who act according to the rules of others, they are slaves as well.
35. Cursed be those who lead others astray, they are blind themselves.
36.Cursed be those who possess no will, no desire, they are a waste of useful energy.
37.Cursed be all who deny my will, they can only win at the cost of their own purpose.

38. I am Satan. I am the Lord of the earth and the air. I am the Master of Power and Will. My truth will never cease and my reality cannot & will not be denied.

I am the Fire which burns & cleanses all impurity, the Flame Eternal, with no beginning & "no end. None can resist me- nor resist my will...