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Friday, January 6, 2012

How Subliminal Messages Work?

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Subliminal hypnosis recordings are the best way to deliver positive message's to your subconscious mind without being aware of the actual words spoken. All you will hear is relaxing music and occasional parts of words. Subliminal recordings are a completely safe, straightforward, drug-free and 100% natural alternative to "over-the-counter (expensive) stress reducers,

These are extremely effective and can help you to: "Heal yourself & others- PLUS;

* Enjoy the affirming and reprogramming power of subliminals - all nite & day!
* Empower your mind to be charged with focused encouragement for positive change.
* Boost and reinforce positive change * Daily Boost your own energy levels...
* Reprogram family-members to adopt healthier habits without their knowledge.
* Even program Staff-members to become more focused, relaxed & more productive.
* Reprogram "yourself to become more health & wellness focused- or more organized.
* Program your mind to "train your whole body in more creative ways of thinking.

The best way that "subliminal flash txt" work is- always choose the (random) options, since you" or the viewer are not supposed to be looking at the near invisible flashes as they occure. The way they work is "via the (perephial vision) & one of my programs offer not Only "txt" but also pictures of your choice & be sure to choose the option of (near-invisible) & the program; "Virtual Hypnosis, Gives the option to use your favorite colors.

There is also another "FREE program Called "My Desk Top Therapist, which also gives you the same options. You can download it FREE from; I use this one alot- but, you do have to register, Which is also free. The one called "HypnoStudio 10 is another great FREE tool I use quite often- It works using (Brainwave's) Its listed @ You can also Google search the name; Hypno Studio 10" if you like...

Another FREE great one I use almost constantly is called "LiquidDream lll listed @ which is also Listed on my site; on page "FREE Subliminal Mp3 Tools"

I have on my site;
Three-Free "subliminal tools. The downloads are also FREE & simple to operate. I even use them to create subliminal CDs & Mp3s For family & clients. Download all (3) at no future cost to you and start creating your own for whatever reason you feel the need. You will also find many FREE pre-made Mp3s that are also free to download or even listen to online. Just copy/paste the
following into your browser; the shortcut is

By; LW Craig/NLPT