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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why Are We...?

Why Do We Move...?...Why Do We Live...?
Why Do We Have Our Being?

We all have heard this from as early as "just now" going all the way Back to early childhood. Weve all heard that (thru God) & "for Gods own pleasure- we do all these things; "move", live & Be". For Gods very own Pleasure…? & The same ones who taught us this are also the same ones who also taught us that "God" is (spirit). "But" Spirits have no hearts & have no "Nerve-endings" which are needed in order to experience (pleasure).

The heart is the seat of all emotion from where we (feel) anger, resentment,
Vengfullness, boldness, love, lust and the list is endless- but...Without (nerve endings) none of these can be experienced- The experience Of any of the above is (impossible) without nerve-endings which act as a Relay station between brain-heart & the solid physical flesh and bone that (FEEL) the outcome of any emotion weather it is (pain or pleasure)

So, how is it possible for God to feel; pain?...pleasure...? or "fulfillment?"...Or even anger? How can God experience (sorrow & regret- "without nerve endings?) Now you know why Atheist dont believe in God.

If you want a reason to move, live & just (be)…"you" are the God/ess that Must (create that reason) in question- but first, you must map out a plan. In the beginning, there was the (word), yet prior to (any word) there must First be a thought, & prior to any (thought)…there first be a (thinker...)

…Have you had (any thoughts for today?) …what about your future…? The future belongs to you (right now) "Think it thru in advance" in Order to get a good head start…

Dr Ed Cayce once said; (thoughts) Are "things"- but what I contend here is that he meant; "thoughts" will Eventually become things when dwelt upon long enough by enough (thinkers) …so, (Start thinking…!) …Happy Trails

By; LonnieCraig@Juno.Com
(aka) ValadJr & SaintlySorcerer