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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crime Rates…?

They are “all” at a wold time high…(why?)… It’s all quite very simple; In this time & date Of Our current information highway- the (criminal) has a permanent record- this is weather theCriminal/subject is proven guilty or innocent. The Press & Media are full of subjects whom had Been locked up, then cleared of all charges 20 yrs later due to DNA sciences…The downside Is “when the subject is proven innocent” (NO ONE) will employ them or …“re-employ them.”

Due to the stigma that was (attached) to them- even though they were “PROVEN” wrongly accused. I worked in Human Resources for over 28 years. The employer’s are in fear of the Stigma that was (wrongfully) attached. Other employees will still have their doubts & many Times- “irrate” employees often call out the subject on the carpet all because of the stigma...

Iv seen this happen more time than I can count on recall… In the end; the wrongly convicted Wind back in lockup due to (disgruntaled) “self rightious” fellow employees that (feel) their Gut feeling was right regarding the (wrongly accused in question.) Just ask yourself; “What” Happens to the “wrongly accused” whom “cannot” find gainfull employment after being locked Up for 10-30 years…? Most of them are forced into a life of crime due to lack of education and Lack of sympathetic Employers who “can’t afford to take the chance of loosing business due To the (stigma) attached to the (innocent) regardless of the proof that is (publically proven.)

Regarding Texas prisons; (ANYBODY) who is released from custody; “guilty or innocent” Receives no more then 300 dollars- regardless of 10-30 years of incarceration. For the sake Of the (innocent proven) due to DNA science- Our Justice system in the USA DEMAND…; “Reform”… Its one thing to stigmatize the (guilty)…but it’s quite another to stigmitize the “PROVEN” innocent by DNA evidence. Our Justice System MUST BE held accountable, or become the laughing-stock of every 2nd & 3ed world nations.

It won’t stop there… Those who cannot find gainfull employment after “wrongfull” incarceration may be the very next hungry Lion who targets (YOU) or your family members. The only difference between hungry Lions and us are; Humans have only 2 legs…yet (both of us) only share the very same …DNA Which mean the only “base-line” difference is called (conscience) & desperation…! (question?) Im running for Congress & I have a (Universal) plan that will “Curtail” (wrongfull accusations) which will also “gainfully employ” …even the (guilty!)

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