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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting To Where You Wish To Arrive

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...Why Silence Is Held as Golden...

Most Far-Eastern religions teach "silent contemplation"
in order to reach one's goal.The phylosophy behind it
is; "everything" which has (substance) had it's beginning
within the darkness of "nothingness". According to
basic physics- this "idea" is Absolute "barebone" truth.
So, how does one reach this state of being...?

Visualization methods are only part of it & NOT the
(entire tool). Force-fed visualizations tend to push
away the desired ending results. The secret is; "passive"
and without strain to visualize your desired outcome-
(not force-fed) but passive...

Surround your environment with colors & pictures of your
desired out-come & then dismiss the desire from your
current alertfullness. The surrounding colors & pic's
are all based upon "Kabballah Magic" & numbers- within
those color's & pictures also serve as a major
springboard to your desire. In Angel magic- numbers are
key to allcreated "matter.

In a recent movie I attended showed the ArchAngel
Gabriel telling a young trumpetplayer that
"numbers are the future". Evedently the film-writer
was familiar with Angel magic & the numbers in
question. Photos of life-size 500 dollar bills on your
every wall in your domicile for example serve as
(psychic feedback) to your inner-Soul which then
guides you into fields which will

lead you into other fields which also,
eventually lead you into paths which will
take you to where you want to be as
far as (financial).

Recently, A Well known minister once said; If
you want to excell in your current "employment"
- you first must become (over qualified) at
what you currently do. This alone is based
upon "logic" & Angel magic. Teach yourself to
become silent & Still. Surround every wall in
your home with pictures of your desire- then, just
glace at them on passive occassion- giving it
no more thought after the glance...

Am I where I wish to be? (yes)- But now, I
wish to go even futher & this takes time
and (patients). Flowers do not grow into FULL
BLOOM over night, ...& neither do we.

If we die by accident or (intentional attack)
before we reach that goal- We will all
get another shot somewhere down the line in
the future. Your always free to believe
otherwise- because, in the long-run, your
personal belief or lack thereof will not
do you any harm, nor will it change my own mind.

Due to my own clinical death in the early 1970's-
Iv been able to recall several (past-life)
experiences. If your one of those who cant recall
a "past-life"- This may very well be your 1st
time visit in this life. But dont worry, because
now, you have a life to recall in the future...See;
for more detail...