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Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Need For Tears/Uncut Version

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No Need For Tears...

I had been a theologian & scientist since the day I was re-born in 1954. What Iv found is; Funerals are for Kings- & “Memorials” are for Hero’s and ...realistically, I wasn’t either one in this life. I do, However leave with a warning; “be very mindful” of what truth you seek- because, one day you may Find it as I had done. You will not always like what you find. Some folks are even so heart stricken, That they even take their own life after they uncover the truth, which they sought. It’s just a simple fact. We don’t always like the truth- yet for some strange reason, (we demand it). Never mind all The lies & deceptions we choose to weave for what we insist are only for good & humane reasons... ?

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“We all demand the truth” & in the words of a Navel Officer whom Tom Cruise, a (demanding prosecutor) demanded the “truth”- the officer bellowed Out; “you CAN’T handle the truth...!” I don’t know of anyone who likes to clean his or her room- but if the owner digs deep enough, they soon discover that “they” only do it to impress someone- Perhaps a long-dead relative...or perhaps a (living) one whom they fear or respect...(or both)...?

All of us are taught since early child-hood, that (everything) has a “beginning”- but once you get Into “critical logic” you will discover that (beginnings) of anykind all have a primordial-point of “Start through finish” . Yet when we force this point of observation, we are then forced to ask; “What” was prior to that (beginning?). Logic tells us that that “all things” have an ending-, which forces us to ask; “what is beyond that ending...? We speak of edges in (outer space)...but what is
Beyond the most outer edge...?

We often question (primal cause) of “biologic life”? Most folks proclaim; It Was “God”- so, where did God come from? How can God have no primal beginning...? I am already convinced- so, whatever truth, the world thinks it holds, they are welcome to hang on to it. Their life-illusions will do them no harm & even if their illusions get them killed...In the end, will all still be ok...

Iv already been dead more than once- but most recent, in the early parts of the1970’s & that one is On record at JPS Hospital in Fort Worth Texas... Since Heaven is (within you) this only means that “Hell” is located anywhere outside of where “Heaven” is located... “Simple math will always deserve simple deduction”...and, when God fails to at least protect the innocent, and fails to intervene for the wrongly accused, & fails to Execute righteous judgment upon the “guilty” all at once- we as a people all have the right to (assume) God has no more of a mind than does a common pot plant.

If it’s true that many are called- but few are chosen- this alone is proof that God Chooses (no one)...otherwise; why don’t God just save time by choosing the few & leave the (many) alone? Why waste time by calling the (many) whom God already knows is not AMONG the “few...?”...It’s all because; God has no power of (choice) than any other god, which was ever carved from common stone. So, where did human
Kind evolve with the “power of choice”...?

Our choices are only based upon our own stimulation’s of; “taste- touch-see- hear & smell” better known as the (5 senses) and The curiosity that preceded them prior to the choices we desire to “experience”. All of Our (5) senses contain (nerve endings). Without nerve endings- the stimulation’s in Question “cannot” be experienced at all. Without nerve endings- we cannot experience “pain or pleasure”. We cannot experience (love or jealousy ). We cannot experience ANY physical or mental illness. You CAN BE sick or crazy & not even (realize) it .

In most cases- this simply means (nerve damage) or/and blocked nerve ending in the most critical places within the human body. “Hypnosis” is an excellent tool for blocking pain and blocking; (nervous conditions). Hypnosis is also a great tool for “self-healing”. Most adults use hypnosis (sub-consciously) everyday in different ways- yet, If you have no (brain)- you cannot experience any of the 5 senses. You would be only A vegetable & eventually, expire..(simple math)....So, How can God experience pain- pleasure- anger- love- or (jealousy) without “nerve endings...?”

Now you know why all Atheist disbelieve in God... “simple math = simple equation’s”. If God is truly “a jealous God” does God (experience jealousy) without the “heart” which is 1st needed in order to experience “jealousy...?”... Remember? “God is spirit” & spirit have (no nerve-endings) . & now you know why God only appears to ignore most of the innocent & most of the guilty & appears to have no Concern over the poor & starving. Many would argue that God works (through) us...? “but’, God would first need a brain & power of choice in order to work through us at all, so where is Gods brain located within God’s spirit...? How does God choose without a “brain...?” How does God think without a brain? The good book teaches; “My thoughts are not (your thoughts).

My ways are not your ways...(do you know why?) Because; in the beginning- there was the “word” yet prior to (any word) there first Must be a (thought). Yet prior to any thought, there first must be a (thinker). Yet, Prior to any thinker- there must first be (the primal cause) of that “thinker” and, Prior to (primal cause) there first must exist “a reason of that cause & prior to any reason- there must first exist; (a need) for that cause...and prior to any need- there first Must exist the “reason for need”. Need is based upon craving & “craving” can only be born through prior (experience). The
crave & need for drugs for example, are based upon past (experience), who is the thinker...? “YOU ARE”. “You are that living word”. Primal in spirit & human by experience.

Every time you return here- you return as “greater & stronger information. Are you familiar with atomic energy? Every solid & “semi solid” including The air we breathe are all comprised of “atoms”. There are 3 key parts to every atom. Can you recall what those key parts are? “Protons, neutrons, & electrons. This is all very simple High-school stuff. The smallest unit of any element, is the atom. The earth itself is
Made of only “6 elements”; iron, oxygen, magnesium, silicon, sulfur & nickel. The
Smallest component of all six, is the “atom”. Copper is only a trace mineral closely related to silver & gold. Your entire body has all the above elements & minerals which the earth itself also has. All the above describes your direct relationship to the earth. Your body is 75-80% water...

The earth is comprised of 75-80% water. Every cell within your body is also comprised of 75-80% water. Air & water are the key components of all life for every cell. ...The earth itself is a “cell”. Every planet is a cell among other cells. The universe is also a “cell”. The sun is the life-giving nucleus to all the other cells. Within every cell are smaller cells. Within each of those other cells are even smaller cells, all throughout infinity. Every cell also has a (memory cell) for each and every surrounding cell. Earth, wind, heat & water also consist of atomic cells. So-called “empty space” is packed with “atomic cells”. Our bodies themselves are also cells with smaller cells within them.

The air we breathe are overstocked with atomic cells... With all that in mind- I welcome You to; where the ancient Gods/goddess’s never die- but simply shape-shift. The earth is simply a “play ground” & in order to be one of those players- you need flesh & bone In order to experience (pleasure & pain). “Who again, is the thinker...?” (You Are...!)

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