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Monday, November 24, 2008

Secrets Of Common Prayer

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The Power of Prayer
Different ways- different methods;

What, (if any) is the power of “prayer?”...In it’s most simple explanation; (Prayer) is based upon sending out (mental) energies to the “subject of prayer in question”. The more prayer-warriors that can focus on The same subject- the better the outcome will often be. Prayer is “mental energy” which is focused upon The subject. “Energy” itself cannot be created nor destroyed- but it can be stretched, compressed & molded within the laboratory under the right circumstances. Humans have the power to (focus) this mental energy.

The better you’re focus- the better the outcome will often be. If you are easily distracted- this is dead-dog Proof that “your focus” is (out of focus) & need’s to be trained. Sometime, we all need a little extra help...

To make a long story short; Do a little research on (Vitamin D). It’s cheap...& It saved my life. Every store carries it in one form or another. Eventually I learned that every vitamin is a (precursor) to other vitamins.

Example; B3 is precursor to (B2). B2 is “precursor” to B1. So on & so on. Balance of all those (B’s) to Each other is the only way those (B’s) will be of any use to your body. If you take a “B1” supplement” & Exclude (B-2)...then the (B1) will not/cannot do the best job for your body. (B-12) is famous worldwide- “But” if “B-12” is the only (B) you take- “guess what?”...”Most of it washes straight through you- but” If it’s a (balanced complex) ...You get the (FULL) benefit of the entire complex. Overdosing on “B-comp” May not kill you- but overdosing can make you wish you were dead. (Trust Me)...Been there- Done that...!

“Niacin” is a (B vitamin) yet- overdosing on niacin can be a (death wish). Ever had an extreme sunburn Niacin forces all the small blood capillaries to stretch open wider than what they need to be. This in turn- forces the hearts main arteries to (constrict)... Not good news for heart & stroke patients. My Uncle Donald dropped dead from a heart attack after taking only six “niacin tabs”. Just one tab protected him from the Extreme cold of which he often worked. He thought that (if one was good- 6, would be even better...?).

Water is the key, primary foundation of all life- however, even too much of this good thing, can kill you. Drowning, is an excellent example. Kidney failure is another possible outcome from H2-0 overdose.

My own prayer for you is; “Use intellectual common sense”. Get to know your own body- & get to know You’re own limits... “Know Thyself- & Unto Thyself- only be True. Do you know the difference between (fate) & “Destiny...?’

Fate is the outcome of (Doing NOTHING) to change (ANYTHING)... (and) Destiny, is the OUTCOME of “investing” your time to change THAT (FATE) you wish to “avoid”. If you are 40-50, you will already know that in some rare cases- “nothing we do” seems to conduct that (change) of which we desire. The roadblock Is not always due to “God’s will””...The (roadblock) we sometimes run into is due to (someone else’s) “Will” . Logic dictates that we need to “build” a much stronger (Will.)...”How?” ...(Practice ...& Theory...!) “All of my lessons are FREE”. None of them are for sale.