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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Energy Moving Magick

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Free Energy Magick.
CRASH COURSE In Moving Energy

Cutting to the chase; you first need a target to focus upon- even if the target is yourself…Begin by standing strait with both arms beside you. With eyes closed- slowly, begin to become tense In all of your muscles. Slowly lower your head & begin to visualize what you want your target to do or “Visualize” your desired outcome. Start to take deep slow breaths while you are visualizing. Keep Running your visual like a re-run video for about 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Keep up the steady slow breathing until you begin to experience “cold-chills”. Then take a very deep Breath…. Slowly raise both hands (open) in the shape of a (V). Now slowly raise your head toward The ceiling & open wide both eyes & then (exhale) forcefully. Then proclaim in a loud whisper these Words; “As It Now Is Written- so must it be done even as I command, as it is above- so also below…!

Now just begin to relax with normal breathing & lay or sit down in the silence for about 10 minutes… Just remember- some things take time & sometimes you need to repeat the process. It takes practice To create (improvement)…This is much like planting a "seed." And seeds take time to grow- & the more you plant, the more (seeds) will eventually sprout & grow.

Plus; Sorcerers & Wizards don’t become "Wizards" thru over-night study.

Patients is a very important evil in any spirit-based magick.


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