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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Heavenly Causes...?

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Heavenly Causes...?

Most of us are born & bred to believe that humans had some kind of
"heavenly significant's toward existence.

"Such a pleasant thought often gives the
inquiring mind's of (why) Were we born- a reason to survive...(but)

The "WHY" is what keeps most of us going, yet- the sad Downside

None of us have Nor receive heavenly mandates other than thru
preachers & Self-ordained "quazi-prophets,Or thru lucid dreams
of our own wishful aspirations- not to mention all the drug-induced;
Voice Of God" prophets that have been here since prior to the
Egyptian Kings...

Just what does the term "Prophet" mean? It means; (One or many)
who proclaim of any Future...or (CURRENT happening's).
Wow! That includes all the News Casters & all of The "TMZ anchor

That includes the writers of; National Inquirer" and we all Know
if the National Inquirer said anything- then it must be true...!
If you have ever been a bearer of good, bad or indifferent news
to "any source- then, you are a "Prophet also and Just as special
as; Moses, Jesus,...or Dr. Deepak Chopra & tons of others

What is the test that determines a (True Prophet?

Proof of that prophets testimony! If it Is (proven to have
happened or is happening, then the prophet in quest is a TRUE

Their declarations must be certifiable at (100%) accurate- or
it is "false- even if their own Declaration’s are (99.999%).
Anything less than 100%" is a false prophesy- regardless Of
the (Prophets) good intention's. How can any prophecy be
proven as (100%)...?

It can't, the best we have to go by is (2nd & 3ed party
declarations and books that were Transcribed by humans that
have been long expired for 1000's of years which include our
Current King James (forgery). What do I call prophets who
are "99.999% accurate...?

I simply call them "impressive- but, you are free to call
them what you desire. If God Wants to get any message to
you- God has your address & don’t have any special need
For any prophet or preacher- nor laws etched into stone,
nor a (burning-bush) to read Them by! God knows where you
are & if God has a message for you- then God will Have no
need for any special delivery" runners like UPS or FED-EX.

If its all that Important, then God will also deliver the
message in person...
"HER SELF...!"

In some cases- it’s just best to kill the “Prophet and
burn the message as well….” That’s the way the first
Christian; Catholic & Jewish churches did business.

There really are some things out there that you;
may not”want to know…
"If all the horror's of 2012 do take place; Where shall you hide?