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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Intro To The Big-Bang Theory

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Subtitled; The Surplus Population?

…Iv had many mystic teachers- including “Kabala Rabbi’s,
“Witches, Satanist & even Eastern orthodox Instructors
since prior to the age of nine,Including many in the
fields of quantum-physics & many personal trainers.”

Most of them inform me in different ways of how Mother
Nature has her very Own Balancing act when the globe
becomes “over-populated”. Mother will Often use tools
like monster mudslides, killer tsunami’s, major
earthquakes, Not to also mention; “Terrorist cells
that perform “spot-reductions” all under The politico
/religious banners often termed; “For God & country…

The re-awakening of all the killer volcanoes that
have long been asleep since 50 to 100 years+ ago
are starting to all yawn and becoming quite restless.

Many prophets & quazi-prophets have voiced these
warnings since prior To the times of ancient Egypt-
but the more I look at these things, the more I am
convinced that when history repeats itself- such
events become much Closer & closer together &
hammers out in greater devastation, until Finally;

All of these horrors will take place eventually;
“all at once.” From The scientific viewpoint, I
predict another (big-bang) coming- but this One
will be greater than the first recorded one. The
one we hold on record Of today is called a theory.
Yet, “everything is theory” until it becomes
A fact. Are you ready for the facts…? Do we really
have a choice…?


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