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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How To Create & Summon Demons

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In cases of exorcism; when the demon exits the body of their victims- where does the demon go?

They are masses of disembodied "energy" that appear to be able to think, reason & "can choose" to make (choices) at their own discresions.

And many of them are well known to speak many language's in "many different dialects- thats why the priest in question must be fluent in the launguage of what the demon/s speak...

Since they are basicly; "energy'... They cannot be distroyed- so where do they go...?

Do you remember the demons that answered Jesus saying; "we are LEGION- for we are many? those numbers can be any-where from a handfull to (multi-millions!) When Jesus cast them out- he sent them into a heard of swine which then caused them to jump off a hillside into the river which drown the swine...Since demons cannot drown-
where did they go"?

When the demons spoke thru Emily Rose she cried out; I am the embodiment of "SATAN. The demon/s never said they were (Lucifer). The word (satan) only means opposer" or one who (objects) & it also means; "accusor" or "one who passes judgment." So any Judge can be considered "a satan". The point is; where did these spirits go- after they killed Emily?

Here are some very disturbing numbers. According to Vatican records; this year of; 2010, the number of recorded demonic possessions have increased by over twice the numbers from last year. Whats even more disturbing is that (one quarter) of those cases were know to be devout christians & catholics. Im afraid the war between the sons of light & darkness have only begun & the entire whole of humanity...appears to be the target & since it looks like God is asleep in the guard-shack these days, we need to arm ourselves & brace for any possible cataclismic events that are starting to accumulate world-wide.

What ever wepons you choose to use is up to you. You need to use whatever works for you. Your own personal faith is not the target..."you are!". As an Angel Magi & Mystic since prior to my teen years- I know that "demons can be created out of thin air & customized. They are much like children to the wizard- but eventually, they begin to think for themselves-This in turn has been known several times to become quite ugly for the wizard. This is why it's so important to (dismiss & retire the demon) to it's choice of paradise after it has served your purpose.