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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where's Your Faith...?

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I HAVE a Question for (YOU);
Our ancient, & modern day christian scriptures teach that "God" often gives the (gift) of faith to the "non-believers" so that they will believe. If this is anywhere near the truth- then God is a complete fool for neglecting to supply every (non-believer) with that "faith." ...Unless;

The scriptures were wrong in this wishfull (assumption) which was writen by the translators.

Faith first, demands "reasonable possibilities. The key word here is; (possibilities.) The word; "reasonable" is a bit tricky. If it's true that (God Givith Faith) then our world would be Over-run with nothing but "the faithfull- "Its all simple math." & Since "the faithfull" like poor Emily Rose can become (possessed) with demonic forces- then the "non-believer's have a much better chance of protection against "demonic possession by simply "NOT believing.

Again,...God is either asleep, (dead)- or does not really give a damn. All just simple math

ANY God, that allows their child to under-go "suffering" for the sake of "self publicity, is not worthy of our time nor worthy of ANY" praise. If I could raise any of the dead- I WILL NOT Kill my child just to prove a "useless point. If I could raise the dead- then I will never have any reason to go out & prove that point...! "So now;..."Where is your faith...?

MANIFESTING MENTORS: Manifest Your Desires Into Reality

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