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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Past Lives & Genius Learner

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Past-Lives & Learning Genius
By; LW Craig/PhD

I created the Mp/3 subliminal above to enhance the listeners
desire to become A learning;

It helps the listener retain more of what they learn.
It also trains the memory to become sharp & more recollective of any
Past events of which they choose to recall. The more often you listen-
The better results you will begin to see. If you had a past-life at all, it
Will also help open the doorway for you to discover whom you once
Were or whom you have a direct bloodline connection unto.

Be so shocked or surprised to notice your dreams becoming more
Vivid & more surreal. Dreams are only hints pointing to our past and
Pointing to our futures.

Every person, animal, house, numbers & color Within Your dream
represents a key aspect of “your self & your true Nature. Numbers
play a key part in our past/present & future’s, so I Suggest you
keep a dream-diary & circle those numbers to compare
With other numbers within your dreams throughout the coming months

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