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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy Books...? "Really?

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What Are Books?

They are collaborations of (thoughts) presented by "the writers" on paper or anything else they can print their thoughts & assumptions regarding all their deductive/conductive reasoning's there-upon.

Take a close look at the King-James bible. It too is a (book) with many "books" within it- yet it too was written & re-written and retranslated over 300 + times by over 300 writers since the time of Jesus.

And today- we have over 17 seperate english translations of it in our book-stores with another one currently being processed. "Wow- I didnt know their were that many dialects in the english language...

The point is; "It's still just a book."

It dont matter (WHO or WHAT) inspired the "writer- because "every writer is still only human & prone to "error & deception weather by accident or deliberate intent of the writer in question. Just look at the word "bible... it means (BOOK) so therefor "any-book is considered a (bible), including printed anthologies of "Swank & what makes any book (holy?)

 Look at the word "holy, its taken from the root-word (whole) which only means "complete without division. The KJV bible is "incomplete- because of all the thousands of pages that were removed prior to its inclusion into the "holy canon" now where does the word (HOLY) apply in regard to the KJV? Because, Its (incomplete, & therefor- there is nothing "holy" about it)..."NOTHING.

  Every book can be useful even if its only used as a "tea cup-holder..."please pass the sugar... So, now who do we sue for false advertising on our bibles..? Be careful how you answer, because "God is watching to see who all likes this one...

By; LW Craig