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Sunday, September 25, 2011


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Anger Management Subliminal Message
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
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Free NLP Magick;

Write a personalized script to record in your "own voice, because you will be more prone to listen to your own voice as opposed to someone elses voice. Be as vocally-graphic as you like. Try to Keep the commands to your mind & body as short as; "I am never sick, I am never tired, Im always strong, Im a fast healer, Im very Creative, I always sleep well, I always finish what I start; ect.ect. Record the commands & play it on low and "loop or repete mode. make sure the recording can just be "barley heard. "using ear-pods are best. Mp3 players are perfect for this. 

There are several great (virtual) Mp3 players available thru " & with your player on loop or repete of your recording while trying to sleep or (awake)... the secret-key is "try to ignore the recording or @ least "passively listen while you do dishes or laundry, or read,  or what-ever.  "Passive exposure"  is the secret-key to NLP magick...+ be patient- because Rome & the world were not built in one single day...:) See