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Friday, September 30, 2011

WHO Are We...?

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Header Notes;
The Christian God was only created by a Democratic & Fundamental-religious leader. The (True God) has no idea what "sin, really is & see's "Jesus as...(amusing).Show me Jesus from the grave- arisen in the flesh & I will show you..."A Vampire or @ best a "Zombie with no "clue...:)

Who Are We...?
And Why?

At least "once in our life-time, we all ask that ultimate question; "Who am I & "Why am I here? Most folks depend on (religion or philosophy) to give us those answers. Most folks dont realize it but, Philosophy was the 1st form of religion & from "philosophy was born "every kind & type of science; "Medical, Spiritual, as well as (theoretical sciences)...but, what is "philosophy? Simply put;

The way we think individually or (collectivley) as a "group. "our religion is our philosophy & (religion) in any form is what (we do) in public and behind closed doors. If you are an "Athiest & you claim such- even behind "closed doors...this means that "you too" are a religious person. You dont need to believe in God, just in order to be (religious). If you are a cop in the eye of the public & also a "cop behind closed doors- then you too are (religious as well). If you claim; "Satanisim as a religion & LIVE it even behind "closed doors..."you too are; "religious.

Does religion preserve or save us? Our religion can sometimes be the cause of our "early demise, depending only how (religious) we pride & push ourselves. With or "without religion- we all eventually become demised by either natural causes + from jelious neighbors or random-killers regardless of our religion. "Your religion only helps to establish a visual identity to all "on-lookers about (who you are) & what you are all about. 

What I have learned so-far is this; God respects; (total honesty)  If you pray a selfish prayer & admit "the selfish desire" involved- God will move heaven, hell & high-waters in order to give birth to your desired realities. Dont try to hide the selfish desire connected with that request, because God hates deception just as much as you do. "Be as open, honest, & "very detailed" with your prayerfull intent. If your intent "harms No One" & you are financially & emotionally prepared to be responsible for the out-come, "then, dont be so suprised to start seeing your desires begin to manifest & bow at your feet. 

At the same time it's also a great idea to be "reasonable with your prayer request. So..."Who are we? "We are simply  reflections or holograms of God. And God is the matrix of all nature. Some would even venture to say that "God is simply a reflection of Mother-nature & we all know that Mother has a light & "dark-side..."just like us. At, times; Mother may seem mindless- but, we all have our moments- "dont we?