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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Successful Spell-Casting

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Successful Spell-casting Made Simple;

"Every successful spell must be accompanied to include; "5 vital ingrediance"; * Tunnel-vision focus, * Deep emotional charge, * A deep felt (knowing) that you deserve that which you seek to take place & 4th; "thankfulness to the powers that be for bringing to you, "that which you feel you rightfully deserve. In most cases- you will find this "not as easy as it sounds" but with practise, comes improvement. & of course;

No# 5... A "mantra that you make constant which represents your desire. It can be in code or poetry. Some wizards use the "angelic-launguage more often called (speaking in tounges).

Keep it short for the sake of your memory. write it all down in a well hidden book & write down what the phrase means- unless you have great memory & already know what the mantra/phrase means. whisper the mantra as often as you can think to do so- even whisper the mantra in the physical presents of that which you seek. You can even elect to cast a spell upon yourself thru the mirror by commanding your reflection to give you the "knowledge you need in order to "receive that which you (rightly deserve). do this several times thru-out the next few weeks, then give it all a rest for several weeks- then, repete the exersizes. tools such as candles,crystals & magick-wands are simply (tools) to help your focus & some wizards out-grow the tools where it is no crime to continue to lean on such crutches. If the crutch fits...then wear it with pride if you like...:)

Things To Exclude in your spell-casting; The fear of the Law (3X3) retribution.

This will always be a "road-block or wall until you have convinced (yourself) that "such laws do not exist & that you are well qualified to deal with all the after-math which always comes with that which you (know) you deserve. The Laws of "3X3 as well as the (10 commandments) were all invented to protect & defend the rights of "others. If you consider yourself as one of the "OTHERS". Then
you need to behave & conduct yourself with "blind-kindness until you are rid of your (in-built conscience).

How do we rid ourselves of guilty conscience?..."subliminal-programing which by-passes the "critical left-brain thinking". The left brain (guards) the conscience- kind of like an inbuilt Cop. The only way past that Cop is to use (subliminal programing). Every tool you need to get started is "FREE & found at; No signin or sign-ups or membership fees to worry about...:)