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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Christmas Ghost

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I had run into an ol catholic friar whom I had befriended @ Saint Joseph Hospital in Ft.Worth back in the very early parts of 1970. We had reunited in 1980 @ Calvery Cathedral, close to the downtown area. All of us @ Saint Joseph only knew him as "Father Frank.

As we both sat quietly in the back-pews, he put his hand on my shoulder & said with a gentle smile; "son, you have a question thats been haunting you since eary child-hood & he then went on to say; "here is your answer;

"God dont have a religion- yet God only expects one thing from all of us which is; "Always do the right thing for the (right reasons) & never do the (right thing) for the wrong ones. That question never haunted me again till I had called Saint Joseph Catholic church to check-up on him in 2001.

After 30 minutes of phone-tag from one Nun to 3-4 others; I finally received the news; "Father Frank had passed away peacfully on December 25th, of 1979. The only thing I could think of then was; "Holy Ghost-whispers". Iv been preaching that same message ever since...

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