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Saturday, December 10, 2011

How Subliminals Work


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How Subliminals Work;

Subliminal messages are like affirmations in that they are also statements of the behaviors you would like to have. And they will also be formatted the same way: they will be personal, positive and in the present tense. But here is the critical difference with subliminal messages: you are going to bypass your conscious mind and send those statements directly to your subconscious. Your conscious mind won't even notice them.

Why would we want to bypass the conscious mind?

Unlike the subconscious mind that accepts everything, good or bad, that you say to it as fact, the conscious mind uses reasoning, intellect, experience and emotion to determine whether or notsomething is true or false.

If the conscious mind (I refer to it as the "critical mind") sees a
statement as being false, it will reject it and not allow it to reach the subconscious where it could have made an impact.

Here's an example:

Let's say that you have always been dirt poor, but you truly want to accumulate wealth and enjoy a better lifestyle. So you start using the Affirmation Imprinting technique that I also teach. Your affirmation is "I easily make ten thousand dollars every month." You say this affirmation for weeks, maybe even months with little results.

What happened? My guess is that the affirmation so far away from what the current reality is, that your conscious mind is rejecting that statement as being totally inaccurate. It's saying to itself, "Make thousand dollars each month? I barely made ten thousand last year. This statement is absurd." The statement is then dismissed and thrown out.

This is why we need to bypass the conscious mind and send those statements directly to your subconscious. You're probably wondering why we would even bother with Affirmation Imprinting when we could just use Subliminal Messaging.

The reason that we use both is because together they multiply the effects. So if you saw a 25 percent improvement using just Affirmation Imprinting and saw a 25 percent improvement using just Subliminal Messaging, you would get greater than 50% improvement using them in combination. In this case, the sum is more than the individual parts. Also, the amount of natural resistance created by the conscious mind is not only unique for each individual, but it is also varies within the different areas of our lives.

So you may have a strong resistance to the affirmation "I weigh 135lbs" but have virtually no resistance at all to the statement "I easily earn ten thousand dollars each month." So basically, using both works better than just using one technique alone.

So how do we bypass the conscious/critical mind?

To properly do this we are going to need a little assistance from technology. There are two main types of subliminal messages: auditory and visual. Auditory (or audio) messages try to sneak by the critical mind by being played at frequencies that we can't consciously hear. My results have been mixed and because background noises can have a huge negative influence, I tend not to use subliminal auditory messages.

Visual subliminal messages are just what they sound like. These messages are going to be flashed in front of your eyes for a split second. It's long enough for your subconscious to register the message, but too quick for you to consciously read it. The messages of your choosing now flood your subconscious without the critical mind being able to filter them out.

There are many products available to help you accomplish this. They typically are priced from $25 to hundreds of dollars.

I would recommend using Mind-Zoom. It's the only subliminal message program I have seen that uses both visual and auditory messages. All you do is turn it on and it plays quietly in the background. You can be doing all of your normal computer activities like checking email, searching the web, etc) and at the same time, without even thinking about it or putting in any effort on your part, your subconscious mind is getting bombarded with powerful messages that will create the changes your want in your life. It doesn't get easier than that. There is also many free hypnosis programs found at " and " that are just as pro as all the other programs that cost high-dollar. Iv already checked them all out & they are splended for beginner-students as well as for seasoned professional hypnotist. You can even "google-search; (free subliminal hypnosis) & get a truck-load of links & sites that offer "share-ware files + free Mp3s on any given subject of your choice regarding "hypnosis.

Even I often use the; "Virtual Hypnotist listed in " to put together "custom packages for clients. All in all, you will eventually discover that the cure you need is found between your ears- & "subliminal hypnosis" is the very best tool in order to bypass the critical left-brain thinking which keeps most seekers chained to their current "undesireable circumstance.

Now; There is a program called; "Liquid Dream lll, which is FREE & available to the public thru " &, that allows you to create "custom-made subliminals to use on your desk-top. You can even "google it & you will find links for it in the top 5-10 in Google. Iv been using & experimenting with it for over 3 weeks now with amazing results in less than 4 days... The direct link is;

For more detail on this subject & free "desk-top hypnotist, see;

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