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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Customized NLP Subliminal Mp3′s with lots of FREE Mp3 Help Files
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If you are having health or personal issues due to bad or dangerous habits- you will find many FREE Mp3s on-site that address every form of personal issue. If you have tried “everything else- give NLP subliminals a chance to improve your health & even improve or adopt any given life-style you desire. You can find these Mp3 files on site listed as; aka; Vampires Book Of Shadows. The reason why this site was chosen to host such files was to help keep closed-minds out- since being “open-minded is the only mind that can be helped- But, even closed-minds can be helped with the right NLP-subliminals

For example; Lets say you want to “believe something- but your critical & scientific based mind will not allow you to “believe. Subliminal messages that are NLP based can (by-pass) your critical left-brain process, therefor allowing your mind to accept & adopt needed spiritual & mental tools that are needed in order to kick-start the mind in the direction you desire your body & brain to start going.

With mp3 brain-training; what you DONT hear is more important than what you DO hear- because what you do hear is just a precursor to the magick which is about to start taking place- much like “lighting a fuse. Sometimes the fuse is short- other times, the fuse is jus a bit longer & in some cases “the fuse will continue to sizzle thruout the whole process while the subliminal messages are being implanted much like a seed. Seeds take time to grow- just like you did.

So, Patients & care of the seed with daily watering & (exposure) to sunlite will allow the seed to bloom much faster- in otherwords, the more you expose yourself to the Mp3-subliminals, the better results you will begin to see. If you know of anyone who needs help with improving their health or just improving their life all together- Please pass this on

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