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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Power Of Imagination

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"Power Of Imagination?

You may have heard this more than once in your life-time that; "imagination, is the mother of all inventions? You most likely have heard that; "An idle mind is the Devils play-ground? I have often found that (both) be true- however, folks who are critical & rational conformist have very little, if any (imagination). Especially if they are bent on facts & evidence alone.
These folks make great "government cows" as they are well known who are governed by "site & experiential" experiences alone. These folks make great "Vulcans like "Spock of the USS Enterprise. Very limited out-comes due to (lack of simple imagination).

Everyone is born with it- yet
from early childhood development years these folks are drivin by "logic & reason" alone in accord by the ones who teach & raise them & those who buck & rebel against conformity are often called (rebels) or are labels as (demon-possesed)... But, what if you wanted to be one of the few who have great imagination intertwined with stone-cold logic & scientific reason? "How would you (become) one of these very rare few? "think about it for just a moment...

Then keep asking yourself this same question everyday- because, just (ASKING) quietly- to yourself will eventually lead you to the trail you must take in order to get there. Think of "Steven Hawkings, Steven King, Tom Cruse, Anthony Robins, Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer. I could give you an endless list- but the "shortcut to becoming a great thinker with great imagination begins with simply studying "Your "idea person" you wish to (become like).

Study what they study & these guys are still studying today with one simple querk; "they study with (open mindedness) & they study "knowing or expecting" something amazing is about to take place- but they 1st imagine a "joyous out-come" from their efforts. "Yes- its still a gamble, but so is "getting out of bed in the morning. Whats the guarentee that you will make it to the front door? Thats simply part of the excitment called "existance. Would you rather be a "govenment cow" the rest of your life? Perhaps just (another fly) on the wall?

"Change the way you think & the things you think about will eventually change- but thats what life & (you) are all about; "Change... & change is the only constant you will ever find in our vast universe...:) "Dont be afraid of change. Change is your very nature & sometimes our physical & mental salvation depend on it.

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