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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The ABCs Of Panic-attacks

Panic Attacks?

It's just another tool of "mother-nature, built within all of us as a "warning system- but some of us can be "over endowed. If thats your case, then the meaning of "panic-attack changes to; "a Sensitive- AKA "Over Psychic. All of us are "psychic to the degree of how often we (practise) or how often we exersize that nature within us. "Heres the curve ball; "when-ever you go into a panic-attack; (think) Is it "my panic I feel? or is it "someone elses?

"Panic is nothing more than (trapped energy) which has no place to go & if you are "over-psychic" will sense that panic & often mistake it as "your own. It could be someone elses panic who was just thinking of you during their own "panic episode. So, next time you feel a panic-attack coming on- think; "Is it mine? or someone elses. 9 times out of 10- if you ask yourself that question; "your first impression will always be 99.999% correct...