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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Such Thing As "Safe Perscription Drugs

What guarentee do we have that "the perscription the Doc wrote for us- is the same stuff the "Pharmacy Tech gives us? "Its just a bottle with a label. And we have no guarentee where the meds came from either & have no "guarentee that the pharmacy tech gave us what the doctor even ordered?

Three times, my dads doctor not only orders the wrong stuff for him- but, also the pharmacist exchanges them for the "wrong generic brand that was not even close to being the generic equivalent of what he really needed. All of this happen over a 4 year time period. The 3ed incident took place around the beginning of last year.

We nearly lost him to "insulin-induced, coma". All of this happen in USA thanks to his doc & pharmacy tech- "now you know why I dont like "doctors or pharmacy techs. Anybody else ever have this problem...? We would be just as safe ordering our perscriptions from Canada or the UK.