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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Reason For Being?

The Reason For Being?

Does the sun-flower ask; "why couldnt I be born as a "rose?" Did you ask to be born? Of course not because if we were able to be born according to (your choice) of environment, family, or "status-group, then most folks like "Howard Hughs, Donald Trump & others like them would all be drowning in "grand-kids" of every race & nationality. Just think about all that possible sibling rivalry that would exist. "How bout this one; just imagine a world filled with nothing but "multi-millionairs.

"No middle-class or (poor)...Just all millionaires who are all equally rich. "Who would you hire in that world to "work for you? This would force every "millionaire to grow their own crops, do their own laundry, clean their own room, cook their own meals?

How many of these things do "you" already do? Keep in mind; "Everyone, including you are all equally rich- so, who would you work for? Who would you hire? "who would even bother to hire you since your already just as rich as your would-be "superior's? This is proof that money isn't everything- "But, then why is it that everything I want "cost money? Money is just a tool to help you get closer to your goals- but that tool still needs a tech to work it. Does "money work you- or do you work it? Only one can be master of the other... "which one are you? Your reason for being is based upon "your own choice "of choices. We had no choice of "being born- but now, since we are here, "We can invent any reason we like...:)