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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dreams? Or Just Reminders?

OK, I think it's time to call "Susan from Ghost-Whispers or "Ghost-Hunters. Loud banging on the door waking me up only to find "no-one at the door. Then awaken again to the sound of a childs crys from my closet. When I open the door I see a kid perhaps only 5-6 yrs of age- stooped down, hiding his face with both hands- he pleads "please dont let him hurt me.

I ask how he got in there, & where he was from. He slowly lowers his hands to look up @ me, but "he dont have a face. no nose no eyes, no mouth. He then whispers in a loud anger "you know me! I start to freak-out & wind up falling out of bed. Then I wake again to loud gun-fire & find myself in a trench dressed in a "WW1 army out-fit. The officer, 10-12 feet from me yelling @ me saying; "Craig, "fire your weapon, "thats an order! so, I fired it & it backfired.

I had aimed it @ the officer in charge. I then awake in my bed to the stillness and the silence of the nite. sitting-up slowly in a cold sweat. I havent had those kind of dreams since I was in my pre-teen's. I kind of think it all just a "message- "out of curosity I did a little back-ground search thru Google only to discover that there "was" a Veteran of WW1 by the name; Lonnie Craig- "But what did all the rest of those dreams mean? "Or were they just "reminders from the distant past...?