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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gods Of Chaos?

Worlds Greatest Challenges...?

With all the "challenges we have ever faced as a nation or "individual today- is to "be different". Our entire world is grown & bent on (diversity). A melting-pot of diverse talent,color,religions including (ideas) & talent. Once any nation reaches a peak where "everything" is (uniform) of "one color, one religion one (idea)-That nation begins to sink & spiral down-ward in slow motion, and toward it's end- the spiral always becomes faster.

We have many types of flowers & Mother-nature is still inventing "different types" & color every 3 to 9 years. Every flower we have today has some type of "medicinial" property.

Thats a good thing since "new strains" of bacterial infectious disease are also being "discovered, every 3-9 years which are found to be (now-immune) to many-common & popular/modern antibiotic treatments. Some folks say; "diversity is (chaos). "But "chaos is "natural" and, An invention of "Mother-nature & so "are we. Can "chaos be planned? (of course.)...:) Whom should we pray unto? "Simply pray to "your heart"...Just give your heart a name...:)