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Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Justifiable Faith...?

The Just Shall Live By Faith?

"What is "faith- but "over-calculated (blind trust). What makes the "blind so just? The justification is only "according to what the (blind) believe is "justifiable according to the word of their own "leaders- such as law makers that convince the "blind" of what is (right vs the un-rightious?" Do you live by the letter of the law or by; "the spirit of the law?' which means simply doing the right things for the "right reasons...?

Did Jesus truly rise from the dead- or are you just going by what the book said? Did your own eyes see this resurrection- because if u were not an "eye-witness, "this makes you a "false-witness according to the written law, back then & even now.

So, if you confess that Jesus a-rose & didnt see it yourself with your own eyes; "This would make you a false witness for "Jesus. If you havent caught on by now; the written law means nothing to God- It meant "leader-ship opportunities to Moses & to those whom he had chosen to lead after his own dimise. Moses was only a "sorcerer" trained by Egypts best "wizards & sorcerers, "all according to the Old-testament writers