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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer;


Known to cause "heart failure even in very healthy hearts. Strokes, false symptoms- which can eventually turn into the real thing. "How?" Stress is nothing more than "trapped energy that has no place to go. "Stress & fear" go hand in hand. Some shrinks say the only difference between the two is called "the spelling. Most Shrinks will tell you that, "You can be suffering from stress & not even know it- much like a few rare "heart attack victims who have heart-failure with "no symptoms, like my dad who thought it was just (indigestion) which wind up becoming "triple heart by-pass two yrs ago today.

He survived- and as today; Iv had him on close observation since then but over the last 2-3 yrs Iv learned that those who have a "very high pain tolerance level are the greater ones at risk. I have also learned that thru "deep hypnosis & deep meditation, you can put every pain sensor in your body asleep- so, how do we fix this global problem?

First find a family doctor that "really cares & I guarentee you that you will (know which ones really care) all on the 1st visit. "Just pay close attention to what the doc tells you & pay very special attention to what they "fail to tell you". Get a yearly check-up. So, guard your heart- "no one else can do it for you...