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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Central Command

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Our Central Command Post;

Our brain is the central command post of all human activity; the individual brain's capacity and development dictates how well an individual carries out issues relating to life. People who have mental disorders find it hard to affect details of certain activities without supervision or guide. It is important for individuals to maintain sound lifestyles since they dictate the brain development acts. There are quite a number of mental health therapies available to people who may have some difficulties in their brain functions.

The mental health therapists help train individuals to think in specific ways in order to achieve desired mental cures. Patients visiting such mental therapist are encouraged to access basic information on how their brains work to affect different functions in their bodies. It is very important to understand that the brain functions are synchronized with the body and soul or "spirit and that the body and spirit reacts to each activity that takes effect in the brain. People who know have slight insights about the functions of the brain get fast recuperation process from diseases than those who know nothing about the functions of the brain.

Research has it that a knowledgeable sick individual is able to influence positive affirmation in order to affect cure in their body; a mind that's hopeful can never be stopped until what's envisioned is achieved. There are quite a number of books written on how an individual can attain cure by affecting positive thoughts in their minds, such information are quite helpful to an individual who may be interested in attaining mental cure's. Reading non fiction books or articles is very effective as the mind responds well to information it easily relates to. It is very important to an individual who may be interested in affecting self development acts to note that results do not happen overnight and that one needs to be consistent and resilient to what they believe is possible. Anyone who gets into therapy without a resilient attitude comes out quite disappointed at the end of the day. Preparing before getting into any mental therapy sessions in case of self development acts is very important for it determines how first and individual attains the desired result. Taking each day as a step and means of attaining the desired achievement becomes the main source of strength to anyone who may be interested in affecting universal laws that govern health-based out-comes.

How well the brain functions will often dictate how well the mind operates, if one has good brain functions then positive thoughts will always be produced within the mind, production of positive thoughts are the very essence of any success an individual may achieve in their lives. This brings us to the question; "What's the difference between the (mind) & the brain? "The brain is the physical container- much like a "battery". The zinc-acid in the battery is what makes the battery
"workable. Without the energy- the battery is considered "dead & usless. The mind is often viewed as the spirit/energy, not just in the brain- but it travels thruout the entire body 24/hr7 while the body is awake or asleep. In some circles you will often hear that "mind" is pure consciousness & therefore; (pure energy.)