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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heart-Health Watch

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The common herb that’s probably sitting in every spice cabinet right now, has the power to stop an in-progress heart attack?

It’s true. This fiery herb – known to most as a spice – has been shown to stop a heart attack in as little as 3 minutes after taking it.

Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Medical practitioners both ancient and contemporary have touted the medicinal properties of cayenne as well as a variety of hot peppers (including bird, chili, and Tabasco) due to their high content of capsaicin. Capsaicin is one of seven capsaicinoid compounds present in peppers, and is the primary compound responsible for the hot sensation of the pepper fruit, as well as its medicinal benefits.

It has long been claimed that cayenne, due to its high capsaicin content, is useful in stopping a heart attack in under three minutes, without damaging the heart muscle. A similar claim is made of capsaicin’s ability to abort an in-progress stroke.

A late pioneer herbalist Dr. John Christopher recommends a glass of cayenne tea be given every 15 minutes until the medical crisis "heart attack passes". Also, it is said that a teaspoon of cayenne tincture (Google: Christopher’s Original Formula Cayenne Extract) every 15 minutes is equally effective. An old MD buddy of mine also suggest; "less than 1/5th tea-spoon of cayenne in your favorite hot tea.

He also says; its good for a (fast-fix) from bronchitis- but, goes on to say; have a 3-4 oz glass of milk handy & ready as a "chaser...